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In which fields does the company support me? “THE DAILY GREEK” assists you from the first day of our partnership in the most vital areas for your business success, as it ensures you:

  • Wide clientele & recognizable brand, synonymous to differentiation, unsurpassed experience and high added value.
  • Thorough assessment of each location in order to entrench area exclusivity and choose the appropriate one.
  • In order to accredit the crystal-clear identity of the concept, guidance is offered and the expanded product mix is enhanced further qualitatively as a differentiation element.
  • Rounded education that ensures quality and evaluates the provided services.
  • Constant support concerning the operation and management of the store on a daily basis so as to function in the most efficient way.
  • Simplified operating manuals that standardize all of your store processes.
  • Public Relations & Local Marketing Plan to help you effectively promote your business.

1. Why join a Network?

The new competitive environment, the consumer trends and the continuous changes in the bakery market, create a strong pressure for individual businesses and entrepreneurs. Only well-established unique concepts with high-quality products and services may overcome the challenges and exploit efficiently emerging opportunities in the market. A new high-level brand awareness among the consumers, original recipes, exquisite flavors, quality and variety of the product mix offered in competitive prices, a well-estimated business model and the total experience of customer service, are the key success factors for a pastry-café shop. By joining a strong and well-established concept, such as “THE DAILY GREEK”, you apply successful and tested strategies, you have the appropriate product mix & store opening methodology, and you practice growth strategies that will help you make a successful start and accomplish immediately high profits, having permanent guidance and support during your membership.

2. How much will it cost?

The average investment cost for a “THE DAILY GREEK” store starts from €200.000 and may vary according to: the store square meters and the chosen building condition.

The purpose is to create a competitive and profitable business, while complying with specific standards that ensure the quality and uniqueness of the network services. The amount of money that will be spent also depends on the type of shop, the area and the condition of the property. The goal in any case is to design an attractive business proposal with specific criteria that ensure the quality and uniqueness of the network services and products.

3. What is the standard royalty fee?

An ongoing royalty fee of 4% of net sales is due on a monthly basis.

4. What are the marketing and advertising fees?

“THE DAILY GREEK” requires that a minimum of 3% of net monthly sales be spent by each international franchisee for marketing purposes, as follows: 1.0% is spent on local marketing, and 2.0% is paid to national creative marketing fund.

5. Should I follow the pricing policy of the rest of the stores or is there the option of adjusting the prices’ level in accordance with the needs of my location?

Each franchisee may have his/her own pricing policy. “THE DAILY GREEK” network may only define indicative maximum pricing per product, so as the customers enjoy our products and services, in spite of their current location, at a fair price.

6. Where can I find the ideal location?

“THE DAILY GREEK” team as well as The Franchise Co. will fully guide you finding the perfect location for your store, as well as all the critical points you need to look out for.

7. Should I find the store on my own or will “THE DAILY GREEK” network pinpoint one for me?

According to our “site selection” procedure, each Area Developer seeks the location that fulfills our criteria, while taking under consideration the specific attributes of the selected location aiming to gain the “Site Approval Package” by the franchisor.

8. Will the company provide the equipment?

The company will provide you with a comprehensive list of machines and equipment approved by “THE DAILY GREEK” but you are responsible for the purchase.

9. How will I choose my employees? Will the Franchisor help me?

Of course. The company has developed specific processes in the selection, integration and evaluation of the appropriate human capital for your business. Aiming at offering high-quality products to our customers and applying effective and personal customer service, we have been continuously developing systems that ensure the attraction and maintenance of the best members of the personnel in our network.

10. Will there be a training period?

We provide two weeks of initial extensive training provided to the store manager and staff of each “THE DAILY GREEK” store, covering both theoretical and practical aspects, such as store function, quality, service, cleanliness, hygiene and safety, food and drinks safety, store efficiency & profitability goals. There will be continuous support from a “THE DAILY GREEK” representative during the first week of operation of each store for the first two stores of the Area Developer. There will be minimum 2 visits per year and per territory from the “THE DAILY GREEK” representative.

11. How long is a typical Franchise agreement?

A typical franchise agreement lasts eight years with the right for a three-year further expansion.

12. What happens after the end of the contract? Must I pay again the entry fee to the network?

The “THE DAILY GREEK” policy does not include recharging the entry fee. Even in the scenario of business resale, if the network administration approves the new Master Franchisee, there is no demand for an extra fee for the remaining contract period.

13. May I open more than one store?

The partner can open more than one store in single-unit format. Upon agreement with the company and the Master Franchisee, our future partner will be able to open up more than one store. We are more than proud when one of our partners follows such a successful course, on the condition that he may monitor adequately all the selling points. There is a special multi-unit program that acts as a road map for each multi-unit franchisee.

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