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The Fresh

“Tsoureki” (Traditional Greek brioche)

Tsoureki Terkenlis
Tsoureki Terkenlis with chocolate cream filling and dark chocolate covered
Tsoureki Terkenlis with chestnut cream filling and white chocolate covered
Tsoureki Terkenlis with “oreo” cookies and cream filling
Tsoureki Terkenlis Vegan


Bakery Traditional Pies

Feta cheese pie from Epirus
Spinach and feta cheese pie (Spanakotiropita)
Spinach and herbs pie (Spanakopita)
Bougatsa cheese
Vanilla custard bougatsa
Puff pastry pie with feta cheese


“Salonika Koulouri” (Greek Bagel)

Sesame “koulouri”
Multi-seed “Koulouri”
“Koulouri” with cheese
“Koulouri” with raisins
Wholegrain “koulouri”


Coffee Pairing

Tsoureki muffins
Tsoureki bites


Sweet Tarts

Apple pie with almonds
Chocolate pie
Vanilla custard cream tart with red berries
Vanilla custard cream with pineapple
Vanilla custard cream with pear
Caramel tart


Hot Snacks

Classic croque Monsieur
(ham and cheese)

Mediterranean croque monsieur
(feta cheese, tomato, olives)

Italian Croque Monsieur
(provolone and smoked turkey)


Signature Desserts

Walnut Pie
Orange Pie



Sweet pastry triangle with fresh vanilla cream (Authentic trigono Panoramatos)

Chocolate & Cookies Mosaic

Caramelized almond dessert

Tsoureki with profiterole cream

“Oreo” cookies truffle

Strawberry serrano cream dessert

Fresh juices & Smoothies

Homemade fresh Lemonade
Fresh squeezed orange juice
Carrot breakfast juice
Wellness juice
Green detox juice
Energy juice
Beauty juice
Summer time smoothie



Small sandwiches

Little Cyprus
(multi seed mini bagel, haloumi cheese, sundried tomatoes, rocket salad)

Greek bagel “Metsovone”
(sesame mini bagel, “Metsovone “cheese, salami, Dijon mustard)

Smoked salmon
(multi seed mini bagel, smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon and dill)

Avocado -chicken sandwich
(multi seed mini bagel, grilled chicken, avocado sauce, tomato)


Big sandwiches

The Daily Greek salad sandwich
(feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives, oregano)

Chicken- Parmesan sandwich
(Grilled chicken, parmesan, corn and iceberg)

“Goat” cheese sandwich
(oat flour bun, goat cheese, ham gourmet, homemade fig marmalade)

Italian sandwich
(Grilled chicken, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, rocket salad)

Healthy light sandwich
(multi seed baguette, gluten free turkey, light cream cheese, rocket salad, tomato)

Prosciutto – Gorgonzola sandwich
(Rye flour with walnuts bun, prosciutto, gorgonzola and rocket salad)

Greek vegetarian wrap
(Anthotiro- Fresh Greek cheese, green salad, carrot and red roasted peppers- Florinis)

Chicken – cranberries wrap
(Grilled chicken, cranberries, nuts, green salad and Greek yogurt sauce)


Coffee, Drinks & More

Greek coffee
Espresso decaf
Cappuccino decaf
Flat White
Black coffee
Hot chocolate
My daily choco hazelnut praline
My daily choco orange & ginger
My daily choco mint & lemongrass
My daily choco 0%
My daily white choco with mastic
Cretan herbs tea
Chamomilla tea
Green herbal tea
Aromatic herbal tea


Iced coffee and beverages

Freddo espresso
Freddo espresso decaf
Freddo cappuccino
Freddo cappuccino decaf
My daily choco frape


Milkshakes and sorbet drinks

(create your own milkshake)
Strawberry sorbet drink
Limetta sorbet drink


The Fine

The Lovely


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